Comparing Partitions

Online tool for quantitative assessment of classification agreement


Defining partitions is a common task in the life sciences disciplines.

Partitions, commonly denominated as clusters or groups, result on the categorization of elements (may it be genes, sequences, bacterial isolates, etc.) into groups, formed by a given methodology on the global analysis of a data set, resulting in its classification. Consequently, one frequently needs to determine how well a given classification agrees with another.

Here we present an easy to use and freely available website where users can quickly analyse their data using a set of coefficients proposed for the quantitative assessment of partition congruence.

For a brief explanation of the coefficients use and their usefulness see the Tutorial.

To analyse your data please select Online Tool.

All the calculation engine is written in PHP 5.2.6. and the diagrams are built using the D3.

The privacy of your data is kept since the data stays server-side only for the duration of the calculation session.

In the Downloads section you will also find PHP scripts, MATLAB functions and BioNumerics scripts for the coefficients we have implemented on this website.

To know how to cite the usage of the website please see the References section.

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See the news section for information about recent changes.

Check our two recently published research papers on Adjusted Wallace and validation of resampling methods for confidence intervals estimation.

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